How big is skunk territory? How far do skunk travel from their nest or for food?

If you are curious about skunks, where they live, how big their territory is, and what they eat then, this is the right place for you. Today we will tell you everything in detail about skunks. You can never confuse a skunk with any other creature because they have a very distinguished, black, and bold white patterning with wobbly gaits and a bushy tail. What precedes them is their foul smell, and that is the fact that you probably already know.

As far as their habitat is concerned, they have a variety of habitats ranging from suburban to woodlands to fields and other urban locations. They feel at home where they find porches, decks, and shelters so that they can stay protected. These tiny creatures even excavate their own burrows, and these burrows can be deep from an average of three to four feet. The longest burrows they dig are of six to 20 with round chambers of grass and leaves.

Most of the time, these skunks take up the burrows of foxes or wood chunks. As far as searching for food is concerned, they head out for it in the evening while in the day, these tiny animals spend their time sleeping and hiding in the shelters they make. Their foraging range for food is just a mile. The make skunks and the young skunks, however, can go up to 5 miles, but their average traveling range is one mile.

Their diet consists of small rodents, fruits, nuts, and small insects. Other than this, they eat the young eggs of yellow jacket wasps, ground-nesting birds, and even the turtles. The truth is that these animals are quite innocent, and they do not waste their precious chemical until they feel they are about to get attacked. The stinky secretion they produce is a result of two of their anal glands.

A lot of people have this confusion about skunks that they hibernate. Well, no skunks do not hibernate; they just get into a state called “torpor,” which is a sleep period that occurs when the metabolism is slow and reduced. In short, when the temperature falls down beyond a certain limit, these little ones hide, and you probably will not see much of them during the winters.

In the cold winter season, most of the skunks just den together so that they can produce body heat and keep each other warm. As far as their territory or home range is concerned, well, it falls under the figure of 4 square miles. Their territories are small because, as said earlier, they don’t travel a lot of distance when they have to find food.

One of the most interesting things about skunks is that they do not have great eyesight, but their sense of smell and hearing is just excellent. On top of everything else, what you should know about skunks is that they eat venomous snakes as well. No, it does not kill them. Why? Because the venom is not poisonous at all to them.

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